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Planning for Health Care in Retirement

Charlotte, NC

Join us for the Planning for Health Care in Retirement Roundtable.







January 23-24, 2018


Ballantyne Hotel & Resort

10000 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy

Charlotte, North Carolina

Often cited as the top risk in retirement, expenses related to health care are a significant concern among pre-retirees and retirees across all wealth segments.   In addition, the age 60+ population in the U.S. will spend approximately 1/3rd of their income on health & medical costs.  It is because of these and other factors, that Financial Advisers and their firms need to have a coordinated approach to provide information, tools and solutions for their clients to tackle this important risk in retirement.


This roundtable discussion group will be focused on these financial services firms’ efforts and plans to provide guidance, planning and product solutions for healthcare cost planning during retirement.


Attendees include executives from wirehouse, national, regional, and independent broker dealers, banks, and credit unions who are tasked with providing planning guidance and solutions as it relates to health and custodial care during their client’s retirement.  We also include other industry experts, including representatives from insurance companies, service providers, marketing organizations and other related firms.


Our roundtable meetings are structured so that all participants have an opportunity to gain insights from the discussion by contributing their perspective and experiences, as well as being able to ask questions of their peers.  And thanks to the support of our sponsors, there is no cost to participate.

Things to know..


You must register to attend and spots are limited so register soon.


Compliant Meeting Format

Our roundtable meetings are thoughtfully structured to comply with our industry’s non-cash compensation rules.  Please Click Here for more information.


Planned Agenda Topics

Our roundtable agendas are developed in conjunction with the meeting attendees so that all participants have an opportunity to gain insights from the discussion by contributing their perspective and experiences, as well as being able to ask questions of their peers.  We work in concert with our attendees to construct an agenda focused on current opportunities, issues, and performance results.


Participating Firms

We are fortunate to regularly host some of the most influential organizations in our industry at our roundtable meetings.  We are very appreciative of their continued support and contributions to our meeting discussions.  Click Here to view a sampling of the firms that have participated in our roundtables.


Travel & Accommodations

Representatives from broker dealers, banks and credit unions will be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred up to $600 to attend our meetings.  During the meeting, all meals are complimentary and hotel accommodations (excluding incidentals) are included for the evening of the meeting.


Hotel accommodations for the group have been arranged at the hotel where the meeting is held.  Details regarding your stay will be collected through our on-line registration process.  Accordingly, there is no need to contact the hotel directly.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Our roundtable meetings are made possible through the financial support of our sponsors.   If you are interested in learning more or sponsoring this event, please contact Steve Saltzman at steve.saltzman@saltzmanassociates.com



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