Roundtables and Events

Roundtable FAQ

Participating firms

We are fortunate to regularly host some of the most influential organizations in our industry at our roundtable meetings. Attendees typically include executives from broker dealers, banks, and credit unions who are tasked with providing guidance and solutions to this critical need for their firm’s clients. We also include other industry experts, including representatives from insurance companies, asset managers, service providers, marketing organizations and other related firms. Click Here to view a list of firms that have participated in our roundtables.

No cost to attend

Ready for this? Thanks to the support of our sponsors, there is No Charge to attend a Saltzman Associates Roundtable for qualified attendees. Complimentary items include accommodations at the host property for the days of the event, all event-related food and beverage and travel reimbursement up to $600.

Join us all year

Absolutely!  The way we plan our meetings, most topics are held two times a year allowing for industry updates to be relevant and conversations to progress. We encourage all of our participants to attend any of our meetings that are relevant to their business.

Travel arrangements

We allow our attendees to make their own travel arrangements to better accommodate your personal schedule. Feel free to contact us to confirm dates and times needed to be there. Refer to our travel reimbursement policy for more detail.

Hotel reservations

Information regarding your lodging needs will be asked during your online registration and from that your reservation will be made. Please do not contact the hotel directly as a block of rooms have already been reserved for our group.

Extending your stay

If you would like to extend your stay, we are happy to assist you with those arrangements—however the costs associated with the extra days will be your responsibility. Often, we are able to secure discounted rates for the extra day(s) you might need. During the registration process, please make sure that you include your additional dates and someone will contact you to confirm the availability of your request.

Travel reimbursement

Representatives from broker dealers, banks and credit unions will be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred up to $600 to attend our meetings. During the meeting, all meals are complementary and hotel accommodations (excluding incidentals) are included for the evening of the meeting. Hotel accommodations for the group have been arranged at the hotel where the meeting is held. Details regarding your stay will be collected through our online registration process. Accordingly, there is no need to contact the hotel directly.

Meeting format

Generally, our roundtables start at noon with a group lunch and end the following day at 1:00 pm. The first day will consist of lunch, a general session, reception and a group dinner.

The second day will start with a group breakfast followed by the general session and then a group lunch. The times for individual events may vary, so please make sure to check the time format listed for each meeting on its related page within our website.

Meeting attire

Business Casual attire is recommended. Any themed or formal events requiring alternate attire such as gentleman's jackets, will be detailed in the preliminary agenda. We recommend dressing in layers as indoor temperatures and individual comfort vary.

Planned agenda topics

Our roundtable agendas are developed in conjunction with the meeting attendees so that all participants have an opportunity to gain insights from the discussion by contributing their perspective and experiences, as well as being able to ask questions of their peers. We work in concert with our attendees to construct an agenda focused on current opportunities, issues, and performance results.

Compliant meeting format

Our roundtable meetings are thoughtfully structured to comply with our industry’s non-cash compensation rules. Please Click Here for more information.


Our roundtables are made possible through the support of our sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please contact Steve Saltzman at or calling 704-243-4512 ext 101.

Additional information

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have by calling 704-243-4512.